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Trading is open

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How Sports Trading works

In this simple example Bookmaker 1 gives odds on Player A to win while Bookmaker 3 gives equal but opposite odds on Player B.

Yobetit tells you how much and where to place your bets.

Regardless of the outcome; the Yobetit Member makes a return on this YB Trade through a streamlined trading process.


About Yobetit

Yobetit was founded by a perfect mix of experts with backgrounds in iGaming, Forex and Computer Sciences.

Our mission is to provide Yobetit Members with exclusive trades while solving historical obstacles for Bookmakers.

We work with Bookmakers to deliver exclusive YB Trades on a long term basis.

Features: Take a closer look at Yobetit

  • Cross market bets

    Exclusive YB trades

    Yobetit Members enjoy exclusive sports trades on a long term basis.

  • Stake Calculator

    Speed and Security

    The Yobetit Engine was developed by experts from within the data-mining and predictive analysis industry. Yobetit uses Jumio ID verification to ensure the highest level of security.

  • Money Management

    SportsTrading Education

    If you are coming from a trading background, but are completely new to Sports Trading, we have you covered. All members receive in-depth Sports Trading Education.

  • Odds Guarantee

    45 Second Odds Guarantee

    Yobetit Members have a 45 second odds guarantee, saving vital time when it matters most.

  • Arbitrage Education

    Betting Browser

    This feature enables you to place Bets with multiple Bookmakers without leaving the which saves you vital seconds while you trade.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Money Management

    Yobetit’s Money Management tool saves all transaction and account information automatically for you in one secure and central location.

YB Trades: Exclusive cross bet trading

Besides our 45 seconds odds hold, training material and user friendly trade environment, what really makes us unique is our cross bet trades.

The Yobetit Engine scans the global odds market and pairs bet types to create exclusive YB Trades.

Crossbet trading

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